Singapore Newspaper Criticized For Inaccurate Information About BTS

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The worldwide attention on BTS is getting bigger and bigger.

From the Singapore newspaper which repeatedly interviewed the same commuter “Ashley Wu” 8 times within 10 months whenever the trains broke down, this time it got criticized again – by K-pop fans.

BTS has been making headlines every now and then, especially after their successful breakthrough in the West with numerous appearances at events and talk shows such as The Late Late Show With James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

With BTS’s popularity, Singapore biggest newspaper also recently published a story about the boy group titled “How boyband BTS got to the top.”

However, many Singapore ARMYs who read the article were left dumbfounded and criticized the newspaper for making stereotypical comments on K-pop in general, and inaccurate information of BTS in particular.

It’s Not Rap Monster


Probably lack of research, but Rap Monster has already changed his stage name to RM after Big Hit Entertainment made a formal announcement on November 14. So fans are puzzled why the newspaper still constantly referred him as Rap Monster in the entire article.

“singing and dancing puppets”


According to the newspaper, “most of the songs are written and produced by the band members themselves, which sets them apart from the typical K-pop group, whose members are merely singing and dancing puppets.”

Stereotypically, K-pop idols have always been harshly judged for being “singing and dancing puppets”. But this is absolutely wrong if the writers don’t follow K-pop or do their research properly. It is 2017 now and it’s not even possible to count how many members of the different groups are writing and producing their own songs today.

Twitter emoji


The article states that BTS is the only group to have their own official Twitter emoji. But fans know that EXO has that too for the launch of their official Twitter account and comeback early this year. So it is not true that BTS is the only group to have their own official Twitter emoji.

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