SISTAR participates in interview and reveals date of upcoming concert

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Last Thursday, Chosun Ilbo sat down with the band to discuss their upcoming activities and promotions.

When asked to talk about the band’s thoughts on performances, Bora said, “When we went to see other singers’ concerts in 2009, a year before our debut, we all realized how thrilling it would be to give live performance. Back then, nobody knew who we were, but we had a big dream.”

The members of SISTAR also shared that the band was apart of a judging panel for a dance competition in Russia. Soyu said, “We went to Russia to serve as judges for a K-pop dance competition there. As soon as we arrived at Moscow airport, hundreds of fans shouted our name, which gave us quite a shock! Fans started playing remixes of our songs and were dancing together. It gave me goose bumps.”

As many groups release tracks with simple lyrics and unique choreography, SISTAR must keep incorporating new ideas and styles into their songs to stay fresh and attractive. Hyorin shared, “We truly feel that things shouldn’t stay the way they are. Whenever we have time, we watch clips of live concerts by singers from other countries to get some ideas, and these help us plan for the future. Intimate concerts in small theaters, an acoustic album, and concerts in hard-to-reach areas — these are just a few examples of what we plan to do in the future.”

Following Hyorin’s statement, Soyu said that the band have intentions of keeping their friendship strong and Bora added in by saying that she hoped the band would continue to make music together after the fans have forgotten them.

SISTAR will officially hold their first solo concert, Femme Fetale, on September 15 at the Olympics Stadium in Seoul.

Sources: News – Chosun Ilbo, koreaboo; Photo – kpopseven

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