SISTAR Soyu’s photo in recording studio revealed

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A photo of the bagel girl (baby face, glamorous body) SISTAR‘s member Soyu has been revealed and has become a hot issue.

On November 27th, SISTAR’s agency Starship Entertainment shared through their Twitter that K.Will, Soyu, BOYFRIEND‘s Jungmin have gotten together to record for a healing love song titled White Love (하얀 설레임).

In the recent revealed photo, it captured Soyu’s perfect body in a burgundy colored one-piece dress and stylish black boots which made her charms stand out. Netizens responded to her S-line body, “Perfect body, no extra fat”, “Soyu is the bagel girl”, “Looking forward to the new song.”

Starship Entertainment’s project STARSHIP PLANET will be releasing their second digital single White Love with K.Will, Soyu and Jungmin, which have raised the anticipation from the general public and fans.

The new digital single will be released on November 29th through various music sites.

Source: news and photo-The Star

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