jTBC Announces US Series Remake For “SKY Castle”

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An American adaptation of top-rating jTBC drama Sky Castle is underway!

On September 7, jTBC confirmed the news to a local media outlet that the network is pursuing the drama’s remake with Warner Brothers.

Sky Castle

Garnering impressive viewership rating, the series emerged as the highest-rated cable drama this year. With its popularity it has also secured regular streaming via Netflix.

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Sky Castle

Meanwhile, SKY Castle is a satire drama about an entrance exam coordinator’s desire to yield positive results to rich families’ children at any cost.

Soaring high throughout its run, four families colored the narrative of the series to intriguing bends. Coupled with proportionate moments for its big cast, its fictional world probed on elite families’ different opinions on supporting their children’s future.

For the families living in SKY Castle, an exclusive residential community that’s home to Korea’s elite, their children’s success means everything. And getting them into the top university is the ultimate prize.

Source: Starnews

Image Credit: jTBC