SM Entertainment invites you to the SM Youth Star Audition

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Most K-Pop fans dream of becoming like their Korean idols. Do we have some good news for you! SM Entertainment is giving aspiring fans a chance to be an idol through the 2012 S.M. Youth Star Audition, which will be held in 7 countries and 12 cities in Korea, USA, China, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Those ages 8 to 20 years old, male or female, are invited to showcase their talents at the audition from the 28th of July to the 1st of September, 2012. The schedule is as follows:

Korea: 7/28 & 8/19 in Seoul
USA: 7/29 in LA, 8/4 in NY (New Jersey)
China: 8/7~8 in Beijing, 8/11~12 in Shanghai
Japan: 8/9 in Fukuoka, 8/19 in Tokyo, 8/23 in Osaka
New Zealand: 8/29 in Auckland
Canada: 8/28~29 in Toronto, 9/1 in Vancouver
Australia: 9/1 in Sydney

Specific details can be found at

Good luck to everyone who is going to audition!

Source and image: SMTOWN’s Official Facebook Page


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