SM launches apps for SHINee and EXO

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With smartphone applications being all the rage worldwide, SM Entertainment is no stranger to the app market. Their history of launching great apps focused on particular groups or events like SMTOWN, has made their applications some of hottest and most popular in the market. Recently SM lauched three new apps for the Kpop fan market.




SHINee’s Sherlock 4th mini album app follows the standard formula of SM apps and  features lots of pictures,  music from the album,  and the Sherlock music video. The lite and pro versions are available in the Apple Itunes store and the lite and pro versions are also available on the Android market.  Pro versions of this app include the previously released dance version of Sherlock.


SM also released two applications for rookie EXO. The EXO MAMA app is split between EXO-M and EXO-K. Each application contains music, a photo gallery and videos. EXO- M’s applications can be found on the Apple Itunes  and Android market in both lite and pro versions. Follow the links here to pick up EXO- K’s app on Itunes (lite and pro) and Android (lite and pro). The pro versions of the new apps also include the full version of the group’s MAMA music video.

What do you think of the new applications?

Source and photos: SM, SHINee, EXO

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