SNSD’s Seohyun Sheds Tears In 5 Seconds + Gets Into A Catfight In Acting Prank

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Her improvising skills are on point!

SNSD‘s Sooyoung and Hyoyeon recently appeared on MBC’s Secretly Greatly, where they devised a hidden camera prank for their youngest member Seohyun.

In the February 12 broadcast, the girls arranged a fake audition for Seohyun. They gave her a script in English, and the scene required the singer to shed tears on the spot. Instead of panicking, Seohyun took on the challenge, and studied the script carefully, not knowing that the audition was fake.

Nonetheless, netizens and viewers were impressed with her work ethic and personality, and were stunned by her acting skills too.

In another scene, she had a catfight with Sooyoung, and things got intense between the two.

Sooyoung accidentally pulled out a bit of Seohyun’s hair during the fight scene.

But it all turned out well at the end, where the girls shared a good laugh after the prank was revealed at the end of the fight. Seohyun later confessed that she was “greedy in acting” and would put in her best efforts at an audition. “Although I didn’t know I was being pranked, I could tell that my sisters cared for me a lot,” Seohyun added.

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