On Solo Activities In China, Jackson Declares: “I Want To Be GOT7’s Jackson”

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Jackson asserted strongly that he is a GOT7 member.

On October 10, GOT7 made its comeback with a new album titled 7 for 7.

The group’s new record contains seven songs, including the lead track “You Are”, which is composed and written by its leader JB.

After the new album was released, the boys carried out an interview to share their excitement with fans.

During the interview, member Jackson received some questions regarding his recent solo activities in China. On this matter, he answered, “It’s a sensitive issue”, causing everyone burst into laughter.

After that, the young idol asserted strongly: “I want to be GOT7’s Jackson. There are people who give negative opinions both in China and Korea, but it’s hard for me to pay attention to all of them.”

He continued: “My solo activities in China were different from GOT7’s color. Each of the seven members has a unique color. Since I’ve been doing a lot of variety shows until now, people think of me as being funny, which has given me a light image, and some people think that I’m not good at music. But what I’ve shown on variety shows is only a side of me.”

On August 26, Jackson made his solo debut in China, with a new track titled “Papillon”. Right after its release, the song secured the top position on Chinese popular music site QQ Music for five consecutive days. It also dominated iTunes hip-hop charts in some Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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