Something Glitters Coming Soon In August – DIA

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On June 29, T-ara’s agency MBK Entertainment announced that it will debut a new girl group, called DIA, in August.

A representative of the label revealed that the meaning of the team name, which is the short form of Diamond, is to become a group that glitters, while receiving love over a long period of time like diamond – the most precious of all gems.

Ahead of the girls’ official debut, three members Jenny, Chae Yeon, and Ye Bin shared a selfie of them taken during practice, while they prepare for their coming debut as a six-member group. In the photo, the girls flaunt their youthful and pretty looks, raising much anticipation from netizens for the remaining three members.

It is reported that member Eunice is proficient in dancing, singing and Japanese, while Chae Yeon previously made her appearance on the music video for T-ara’s Eunjung’s solo track titled I’m Good. Jenny is said to have strong acting ability, Eun Jin excels at dance, Ye Bin has appealing vocals, while Cathy is known for her charismatic rapping ability.

The six-member group will be making its debut in the music scene in August.

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