K-pop Idols pulls out: Uncertain future for KPOP HEART Concert

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Fans are left in limbo after Pledis Entertainment pulled its artists out of the concert line-up and after an announcement made from organisers that the KPOP HEART Concert will not go ahead “due to unforseen (sic) circumstances.”

Anxiety is running high as the Australian non-profit company, Aus2One is set to make an announcement tomorrow about the future of Australia’s biggest K-Pop concert since the Sydney K-pop Music Festival in 2011.

“As of now, we have confirmed that the concert will be unable to proceed on February the 16th due to unforseen circumstances.” An announcement was made on the organisation’s Facebook page.

“We will release more information as it becomes available on the next steps for the concert.

We’re sure everyone has many questions regarding the concert and emotions are undoubtedly running quite high. We will open communication via an e-mail address asap to address everyone’s concerns.”

UPDATE: Aus2One CEO Naureen Gana has agreed with hellokpop to answer any questions regarding the concert. Send your questions to [email protected] or leave them in the comments. 

The shock announcement may have came after Pledis Entertainment made a public post on their Facebook page that their artists After School and Son Dam Bi would be cancelling their appearance after “Aus2One breached the contract”.

“We judged that there’s no need for further consultation. Sincere apologies to those who have been waiting to see SON DAM BI and After School.” The post said.

Danny Chen of Aus2One spoke with Jase Gipps of the Asian Pop Radio today and confirmed that the organisation was notified by Pledis Entertainment that they had a “deadline before they would announce they’re dropping out of the concert.”

“We have tried negotiating with them and we still are. There was a little misunderstanding.

“We will definitely try our best to keep everyone happy… we may not be able to reach the full line-up we originally presented, but we will try to replace whoever we can and  make sure the concert will be good as it would be.” Chen clarified.

 Block B has taken their label to court for overdue pay outs

Block B, who was also set to perform, was embroiled in a lawsuit with their label, Stardom earlier this year. The lawsuit, which requested for the court to nullify their contracts, also alleged that the company had failed to meet the agreement to pay the members on the agreed date each month for over a year.

Fans have been worried that this lock out may mean that the group may not be fulfilling their schedules, ultimately not participating in the concert.

Aus2One’s Danny Chen also addressed concerns for K-Pop Heart Concert opening act EVOL cancelling an appearance at a Sydney festival, which was scheduled a day before the concert.

“We are working to make sure they make an appearance there.” He said.

When Asian Pop Radio host, Jase Gipps asked about Aus2One’s previous cancelled concert, the Aus2One KRPS Charity Concert featuring Brian Joo, Chen agreed that it would “be weird” if fans were still confident about the organisation.

hellokpop contacted Aus2One’s Director/CEO Naureen Gana, who was apologetic about the situation, but refused to mention any further details.

“We are sending an official press release soon. We are just waiting for the lawyers to give the go a head.”

Gana has agreed to answer submitted questions regarding the KPOP Heart Concert through hellokpop. Send your questions to [email protected] or leave your comments below. 

After School, Ailee, Teen Top, Block B, EVOL, Lunarfly, Kim Tae Woo, Brown Eyed Girls and 100% were announced to perform at the KPOP Heart Concert on February 16 in Sydney last year.

Listen to the podcast with Danny Chen on the Asian Pop Radio.

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