SONAMOO to Showcase Shinhwa’s “The Solver” on Inkigayo’s 800th episode

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Rookie group SONAMOO recently revealed that it is gearing up for a special performance, covering the veteran group Shinhwa’s debut track titled The Solver on the live stage of SBS Inkigayo’s 800th episode special on January 25.

20150125_SONAMOO_ to_ Showcase_ Shinhwa’s_ ‘The Solver’_ on_ Inkigayo’s _800th_ episode_1

The septet are said to have been practicing meticulously to recreate Shinhwa’s powerful stage. They will also dress in hip-hop outfits as the Shinhwa members did in 1998.

With its coming stage, SONAMOO is expected to show its female idol image with a strong and charismatic choreography and performance.

SBS Inkigayo will be carrying out the 800th episode since its launch in 1998, and will feature a number of stages from various artists in the K-pop industry, including Turbo (Kim Jong Kook, Mikey), Shinhwa and more.

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