Song Ji Hyo becomes model for cosmetic brand ‘Benefit’

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Actress Song Ji Hyo has become the new face of the makeup brand Benefit. Benefit says, “As her usual image is bright and healthy, Song Ji Hyo matched well with Benefit’s image of being confident bright and lovely.”

Through Korea’s dominating variety program Running Man and her recent movie Jackal is Coming, she continues to show a bright image as she has a natural character of being friendly and warm-hearted. This seems to be the reason why they choose her for the new face of Benefit starting in 2013.

Song Ji Hyo has always been complimented by netizens for her clear skin without any make up, and is also known as ‘beauty of skin’.

Benefit mentioned that at the unrevealed photoshoot for 2013’s new items, Song Ji Hyo’s bright smile and powerful eyes have grabbed the hearts of their staff. The entire team complimented and praised her as she put forth the exact image for the brand, being lively with a bright image.

New pictorials of Benefit featuring Song Ji Hyo will be revealed in January of 2013.

Source: news and photo-The Star

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