‘Daddy’ Song Joong Ki In Photo With Chinese Actress’ Baby

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Does Song Joong Ki look like a daddy in this photo?

Chinese popular actress Zhang Ziyi has just uploaded a photo of actor Song Joong Ki and her daughter Xingxing on her social media account.


Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi’s social media account

In the photo, Song Joong Ki captivates viewers with the exciting expression in his face, embracing the baby around his arms.

Along the photo, Zhang Ziyi wrote a mischievous caption, treating Song Joong Ki as her son-in-law. She said: “Your ‘husband’ is really a warm and lovely person. Xingxing, are you pretending to be cool (in Song’s embrace)?”

The photo is then wildly shared among fans. It has gathered over 13,000 comments up to Sunday.

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