Song Joong Ki Completes Military Service

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It was a day full of joy and happiness for Song Joong Ki‘s fans as the actor was officially discharged from the army.

The actor has fulfilled his 21-month national duty after enlisting on 27th August 2013, and was discharged from his base in Gosung on May 26. There he was greeted with love and cheer from fans together with reporters.

20150526 - Song Joong Ki

Source: Mwave

During an interview, when asked by the reporters about which girl group impressed him while he was serving in the army, Song Joong Ki replied with an unexpected answer:

I thought about it, but I don′t really know about girl groups. More than anything, I think Lee Kwang Soo appeared more familiar. I watched Running Man so much that he was a great strength. He came to visit once after finding time in his busy schedule. I wasn′t really happy. I′m just joking. I really missed my managers and agency staff. I missed my family and friends. I missed Lee Kwang Soo a lot too.

The actor also expressed his feeling towards the question about his biggest change, sincerely giving a response of:

The biggest change is that I went from my 20s to 30s. I think my physical shape has gotten better too. Because I was competing against a lot of people who are younger than me, my condition has improved. I didn′t want to lose physically, but that doesn′t mean I have a good body.

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Source: Kpopherald

 In related news, Song Joong Ki has confirmed to take up the lead role along with actress Song Hye Kyo in the coming KBS drama titled Descendant of the Sun. The drama is expected to be on screen in the latter half of this year.

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