Song Joong Ki On Former President Park Geun-hye: “Pain”

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Song Joong Ki was previously dragged into the political controversy with the impeached former President.

On Thursday, Song Joong Ki appeared on JTBC’s Newsroom for an interview. Anchorman Sohn Seok-hee unexpectedly mentioned about the impeached former President Park Geun-hye during the show. Earlier on, the Korean news outlets exposed the speculation of Song Joong Ki receiving “special treatment” from then-President Park Geun-hye, which became a hot topic.

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On JTBC’s Newsroom, Song Joong Ki talked about his latest film The Battleship Island and his personal feelings after the movie premiere. This led to the host initiating the topic on Park Geun-hye.

He said, “Last year, when Song Joong Ki was filming this movie, he claimed it was a ‘dark period’. But I feel that it was a ‘turbulent period’.” He continued, “Although it wasn’t the intention of Mr Song Joong Ki, but your name still appeared in the news. It was even related to ‘someone’ (Park Geun-hye), which became a hot topic’.”

Last year, a political scandal erupted in South Korea. At that time, in a JTBC program, Song Joong Ki’s name had appeared together with Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil, the prime person involved in the political scandal.

At that program, Song Joong Ki just had the peak period of his career due to the hit drama “Descendants of the Sun”. It was at that time, Song Joong Ki met Park Geun-hye at K-style Hub after being appointed as the tourism ambassador. The former president had reportedly given instruction to take “special care” of Song Joong Ki, including making a video of his life and a large human-sized photo of the actor in front of K-style Hub.

Apparently, under the ex-President’s special treatment, this caused the initial budget of 26 billion won of the project to be ballooned with another whopping amount of 145 billion won of investment.

Song Joong Ki did not avoid the question. He replied, “At that time, when I saw my name in the news, I was really shocked.”

The host did not stop, and continue to question, “You as an actor, do you have anything to say?” Then carefully added another sentence, “I think there will be something bad that you don’t want to reply right.”

But, Song Joong Ki frankly said, “No no. There is actually nothing difficult to answer. Because they actually happened.”

He added, “Actually, I feel a bit pain”.

The host replied back, “You said ‘pain’. Is it you want us to explain? Or I ask you again?”

Song Joong Ki replied with a smile, “Show me some mercy”.

Translation: Adrian Cheng

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