Song Joong Ki Confesses He Is Actually Not Decent And Confident In Swearing?

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That’s something new from Song Joong Ki himself.

Since debut, Song Joong Ki has challenged himself with a variety of roles in the entertainment industry. But in his real life, his image has never been tarnished. He has 10 years of zero scandal until the announcement of his marriage, which is highly praised by everyone. However, towards all kinds of praises, the one who disagrees the most is actually the actor himself?

On August 4, during KBS 2TV channel “Entertainment Weekly”, Song Joong Ki surprisingly organized a “guerilla dating”, and went on the streets to interact with the public. However, once he appeared in Hongdae, a huge crowd immediately swelled, to the extent that the activity had to be temporarily suspended.

After the interview, when the host asked Song Joong Ki what he always heard from fans recently, his answer was “congratulations”. But then, he added, “As to whether they congratulated me for the premiere of ‘The Battleship Island’ or for my marriage, I don’t know.”

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Interestingly, when Song Joong Ki first debuted with the movie A Frozen Flower, he did not have any single scandal until now. On this, the actor said that “maybe because of my personality which doesn’t waver. But if you know me, you know that I am actually not really decent.” Probably in case no one believes his words, he even admitted that “I have confidence in swearing.”

Earlier on, in a separate interview, when Song Joong Ki was praised for “having consistent positive image”, he immediately disagreed, saying: “Isn’t this used to describe Park Bo Gum?”

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