Song Joong Ki, Ok Taecyeon & Jeon Yeo Bin Set To Play Dark Heroes In tvN Drama “Vincenzo”

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Brandishing a riveting story, tvN announces a must-watch series in 2021 with Vincenzo.

Headlined by Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin and Ok Taecyeon; the series paints the story of fierce dark heroes. Their fiery actions fight variety of villains that can never be punished by existing law.

Aside from its solid main cast, Vincenzo is set to be helmed by Director Kim Hee Won. Her recent lauded works include The Crowned Clown and Money Flower. Penning the script is Park Jae Bum of The Fiery Priest and Good Manager fame. Screenwriter Park has created such a unique trademark in the black comedy genre and is expected to notch a society-focused black comedy with plethora of dimensions.

Vincenzo’s Main Cast

Song Joong Ki as Vincenzo Casano

Boasting a remarkable cast roster, Vincenzo taps Song Joong Ki as its prime hero. Transforming to the role of a mafia consigliere, he takes the role of Vincenzo Casano, a brutal strategist and lawyer of a mafia organization. Contrary to his sweet-looking visuals, he is quite a character, equipped with sharp negotiating skills and sound judgment to grasp his opponents.

Vincenzo Cassano, who came to Korea, faces a deep-seated villain’s cartel. He unexpectedly solves the case by being entangled with a lawyer who sells souls for victory.

Loved by the public for his memorable pictures of male leads, Song challenges a charismatic role full of grit. His recent work includes the awe-inspiring series, Arthdal Chronicles. He is set for two upcoming films: the sci-fi Space Sweepers and romance film Season of You and Me.

Jeon Yeo Bin as Hong Cha Young

Rising actress Jeon Yeo Bin, who is praised for his small and big screens’ versatility, continues her drama streak. Playing the role of Hong Cha Young, she is competitive and heavily armed with icy words.

Jeon’s most recent ventures are in dramas Be Melodramatic and Live.

Ok Taecyeon as Jang Jun Woo

Ok Taecyeon, who leaves a strong impression no matter what character he performs, takes the role of Jang Jun Woo, an overseas intern lawyer who wants to become Cha Young’s ‘James Bond’.

A real man with an innocent smile, he is somewhat awkward with free-spirited nature that is hard to fathom. Infinitely trusting and following his mentor, he stakes his claim on Cha Young upon Vincenzo’s appearance.

After his return from the military service, Taecyeon starred in supernatural thriller The Game: Towards Zero. He is also set to appear in upcoming period war film, Hansan.

Ok Taecyeon

According to the production team, Vincenzo is a black comedy about dark heroes who punish atrocious people in the way of a villain. Viewers can look forward to the synergy of unique characters as well as the original material with dynamic plot development.

Targeting broadcast date in the first half of 2021, Vincenzo sets to explore a new concept in the backdrop of Mafia world.

Source: Sports Donga

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