Song Seung Hun & Yoona: National Tax Service Ambassadors

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According to the National Tax Service, actor Song Seung Hun and Girls’ Generation member Yoona have been appointed as the new honorary ambassadors for the tax organization in view of their honest tax payments.

A representative of the National Tax Service shared: “Song Seung Hun and Yoona are not only faithful taxpayers, but also continuously gave donations and performed various activities of social responsibility.”

Receiving the great honor, the two stars are scheduled to spend two years participating in a variety of activities to promote the local citizens’ tax payment duty.

Previously, Song and Yoona were honored by the President for being exemplary taxpayers at the 49th Taxpayers’ Day ceremony, which took place on March 3, at the Coex Auditorium in Seoul. The actor was first recognized by the National Tax Service as a model taxpayer in 2010.

Meanwhile, Yoona became the first major donor of the Honor Society organization earlier this year. She has been silently helping needy families yearly through year-end donations since 2010.


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