Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Joins Daniel Henney’s Agency After Leaving SM Entertainment

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Sooyoung has found her new home.

After the contract with SM Entertainment ended last month, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, together with the group’s two other members, Seohyun and Tiffany decided to leave the agency.

On November 10, it is reported that the singer-turned-actress has signed an exclusive contract with Echo Global Group, which is also the home company of the Korean-American actor Daniel Henney.

On the same day, Sooyoung’s new agency made a statement to express its willingness to support the idol’s continual activities as a member of Girls’ Generation, saying: “Since she has been loved for so long as a member of Girls’ Generation, we will support her activities in the group if the conditions are met.”

In another news, the star currently plays the female lead on MBC TV’s weekend series dubbed Man in the Kitchen.

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