SPIN magazine acknowledges 2NE1’s ‘I Love You’

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After teasing fans with transformation teaser images, 2NE1 released their anticipated single I Love You on the 5th of July to top several Korean music portals, debut on the iTunes Top 10 Electronic Music chart in 12 countries, and receive commendation from American music magazine SPIN.

I Love You immediately topped local music portals including Melon, Mnet, Bugs, and Daum Music upon release and topped iTunes Canada, Finland, and Sweden.

2NE1’s track also captivated SPIN magazine blog writer Christopher R. Weingarten who refers to the girls as “K-pop Heroes” and begins his blog post with “We Love Them” in big bold letters. The post reads:

“You may remember K-Pop chartbusters 2NE1 from our 20 Favorite Pop Albums of 2011 or logging two albums in our 21 Greatest K-Pop Songs of All Time or for being more famous than anything right now. Well yesterday they dropped their most recent single “I Love You” and it’s a stone doozy, a perfect summation of pop’s present and future: those Guetta-style soccer-riot synths glowing and pulsing, ghostly background vocals creating smoke around the neon, and a stuttering Ke$ha-gone-“Stay Fly” rap in English.”

Named as the TLC of K-Pop, 2NE1 placed sixth on SPIN’s list of the 20 Best Pop Albums with their 2nd mini album.  The band has also placed twice on SPIN’s The 21 Greatest K-Pop Songs of All Time with Ugly at ninth place and I Am The Best at third.

Source: Manila Bulletin, SPIN (1)(2)(3)

Photo: thoughtfulpaper

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