St.319’s latest dance cover attracted BoA’s attention

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Well-known to worldwide avid K-pop fans on YouTube, Vietnamese K-pop dance cover group, St.319, recently released their latest dance cover video of BoA’s Only One on October 15.

This video, featuring one of their regular dancers, Min (or Nguyen Minh Hang), has garnered interest on the various social media within a day of its release, attracting more than 60,000 views on the YouTube.  Within two hours of the video release, the unique storyboard and well-executed dance choreography had caught the attention of many and even prompted a personal tweet reply from the Queen of Korean Pop, BoA, herself.

She tweeted:

‘’Wow!! Impressed!! Thnx!’’

Her affectionate response is largely seen as a positive recognition of the hard work and efforts that the talented dance group has put in to pull out a good production all by themselves, for their idols and spreading of the Korean Wave in Vietnam and the world. Her re-tweet has also directed many of her followers to watch the dance cover video, with many leaving positive comments of this dance cover by lead dancer, Min.

Watch the video below:

[vsw id=”ip3qeU_5JyI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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Source: St.319, BoA’s Twitter

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