Starship Entertainment Issues Updates On Current Legal Actions Against Malicious Commenters

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With the help of fans, Starship Entertainment is suing malicious commenters who had been damaging their artists’ reputation.

Starship Entertainment delivered an update on December 4 regarding the legal actions they are taking on behalf of their artists.

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Through an official statement, the agency shared the movement of their lawsuits against entities harming their artists filed back in July, and they also revealed that they added more complaints regarding the defamation of MONSTA X on December 3.

“Hello. This is Starship Entertainment.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the fans for their interest and love in Starship Entertainment artists.

We appointed the law firms Sejong and Ius&Lex early this year for handling cases on the malicious and distorted comments and postings on the Internet and social media about our artists MONSTA X, WJSN, Soyou, Kim Dasom, Jang Won Young and Ahn Yu Jin. We also submitted a complaint regarding some of them to Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on July 4.

Some of them had already been fined and some of them were sent to the prosecution for investigation. We are not only dealing with criminal cases, but also preparing additional civil legal action.

In addition, we recently announced legal action against the spreading of false information, malicious slander, sexual harassment, and libelous postings about MONSTA X. We inform you that we have collected false information, se*ual harassment, insults, and libel postings circulating online and on social networking sites through active reporting and self-monitoring by our fans, and that we have filed additional complaints with Gangnam Police Station on December 3.

We are going to take strong action without any leniency, as the troublesome behavior of the malicious commenters have severely damaged our artists. In addition, we are continuously monitoring malicious and slanderous articles and libelous postings, and we will continue to take strong follow-up measures to protect the rights of our artists in the future through constant monitoring of activities such as defamation of artists, malicious slander, and indiscriminate spreading of false information that constitutes violation of the criminal law.

We ask fans to continue their efforts in informing us of those that spread false information and defamatory posts including malicious comments about our artists.

Thank you once again for all your support for us and our artists.”

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Source: Sports Seoul


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