Stays Shower Stray Kids’ Han With Love After Announcement On His Current Mental Health Condition

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Stays have banded together to shine the sunshine on Stray Kids’ Han by reminding him that they will always love and support him!

Stray Kids’ Han has received outpouring love from fans following JYP Entertainment’s latest notice regarding his current condition which had also made him decide to sit out from some of his group’s upcoming activities.

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On December 15, JYP Entertainment released an official statement informing fans of the rapper-vocalist-producer’s current mental health status after recently showing symptoms of anxiety especially when surrounded by many people.

“Hello. This is JYP Entertainment. We would like to share a notice regarding the schedule and health status of Stray Kids’ Han.

Currently, Han is showing symptoms of intermittent psychological anxiety. Although there are no problems with the majority of his regular broadcast schedules and stages, he feels extreme tension when he is close to groups of people.

His health has greatly improved through active treatment, and considering Han’s personal desire to not worry fans, Han appeared in the fan signing event that took place today. Unfortunately, he was not able to stay at the event until the end. Thus, we apologize for STAYs who got worried for him.

We put our artists’ health as our main priority and we will continue to make sure he receives adequate rest and treatment until his condition improves. Decisions on whether he will participate in upcoming schedules will also be made after Han and the other Stray Kids members have discussed it thoroughly. Please note that due to variable circumstances, the decision for Han to appear at scheduled events will, unfortunately, have to be selective, and we ask for your understanding.

Han is also determined to actively undergo treatment, and all of the members of Stray Kids have been working hard to give Han strength. We will also do our best to make sure our artist can recover.

We will continue to do our best for Han’s recovery. Thus, we also ask that STAYs continue to send their support to Han as well.”

Schedules and Messages

Following the statement, the agency announced that the 3RACHA member will not be participating in the filming for 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships which took place today, December 16. Additionally, he will not be able to attend Stray Kids’ scheduled fan signing events on December 20, 21, and 26.

With this, Stays made sure to shower Han with the same love that he had shown them all this time by trending the hashtags “#한이에게_선샤인을_비출게” which means “We’ll shine the sunshine on Han” and “#스키즈_쉬어도_돼” which means “Stray Kids, it’s okay to rest” – which they had taken from the group’s song “You Can Stay”. Expressing their love and support to the multi-talented idol, fans hope to at least help in providing comfort to the Stray Kids member whenever he needs to see uplifting words.

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