Stray Kids Become The Only K-Pop Artists Named In TIME’s “The 10 Best Songs of 2020”

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Stray Kids show their global influence as they become the only K-pop artists recognized in TIME‘s “The 10 Best Songs of 2020” list!

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Stray Kids continue to show their international impact by becoming the only K-pop artist named in the U.S publication TIME in its “The 10 Best Songs Of 2020” list. The magazine recently published this list on its official website, including Stray Kids’ track “Back Door” in eighth. The group was featured within a star-studded list including Cardi B and Christine and the Queens.

Stray Kids

TIME admired “Back Door” for its spirit, combining production with the energy of the eight members to create a dynamic song. The publication also admired the bravado of the track, as well as its catchy mixing of genres such as R&B, jazz, trap, and electric dance music.

Additionally, the magazine lauded Stray Kids for their work in spreading the Hallyu wave. TIME commended the group’s emergence in the globalized music industry. Moreover, its writers explained that the cheeky use of the lyric, “Hey, you wanna come in?” was an apt acknowledgement to “the free and global pop music market”.

Recent Growth

Since their debut in 2018, the multinational group continues to rise. Stray Kids recently impressed with their online concert “Beyond LIVE – Stray Kids ‘Unlock: GO LIVE IN LIFE'” on November 22, displaying the group’s strong performance abilities.

Moreover, their first full-length album GO生 was released in June followed by its repackage, titled IN生 in September. Stray Kids displayed their growing popularity, selling 127,930 copies of GO生 and a subsequent 233,381 of IN生.  In terms of Gaon Chart’s cumulative total for sold copies, the group sold more than 760,000 copies of the albums.

The title tracks of the albums, “God’s Menu” and “Back Door”, received huge support for their refreshing yet impactful concepts. Stray Kids’ sound coined them the name of “the pioneers of the “maramat genre”, otherwise celebrating the group’s spicy tunes.

Following their debut, the group expanded their musical independence as the members work on music themselves. This has become one of their biggest strengths, enabling the group to boast their individuality and distinct sound.

While the group was named in TIME’s “The 10 Best Songs Of 2020” list, they were also named one of Billboard’s 2018 Outstanding K-pop Artists. Their achievements illustrate their ongoing global success and reach.

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to their newest release on November 26 with the Korean release of their Japanese track, “All In”.

Source: Sports Donga | TIME

Image and Video Source: JYP Entertainment

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