Stray Kids Charges On With “Clé 2: Yellow Wood” Comeback Details Through A Heart-Pounding Trailer

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Stray Kids everywhere all around the world, listen up!

Stray Kids announces they are ready to charge on with another powerful comeback as they drop details for their upcoming special album!

Stray Kids

Screengrab from JYP Entertainment

Serving as the first teaser for their comeback, the boy group made Stays all around the world completely thrilled with the release of a dramatic trailer on June 3.

The trailer centered on all nine boys’ heavenly visuals as they stood on top of a building at the two-minute long video’s beginning. Feeding fans with more concept theories, the group rides in an elevator (or hellevator, if you must) once again.

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However, this time, Stray Kids is taking their fans to a new destination – care of keyholder Bang Chan who starts a literal turn of events involving an action-packed elevator drop which shocked fans.

Through the trailer, the group finally released details for their new album. Titled Clé 2: Yellow Wood, it is scheduled for release on June 19.

Their comeback with Clé 2: Yellow Wood marks three months after the release of their last mini-album Clé 1: Miroh and its title track “Miroh”. The song brought Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N their first-ever music show win since their debut in 2018. Accomplishing the achievement on M Countdown in April this year, it made all nine members emotional as it added another hard-earned entry in Stray Kids’ history.

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With the aforementioned success of “Miroh”, the anticipation for the group’s new album is definitely high – especially from fans who await yet another powerful comeback from 2018’s “monster rookies”.