Stray Kids Unlocks Heart-Racing Teaser For Next Album And World Tour

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All of a sudden, Stray Kids dropped an announcement that shook every Stay’s world.

Stray Kids is set to unlock the final chapter to their powerful Clé series soon – and they had already laid out the important dates that fans should note down in their calendars!

Stray kids

2018’s top rookies threw a huge announcement to fans on the midnight of September 30 out of the blue as they drop a video teaser on their social media accounts introducing everyone to the wrap-up of their well-loved Clé series!

Containing a set of cryptic symbols, the teaser welcomed fans with elements from the group’s previous comebacks with Clé 1: Miroh and Clé 2: Yellow Wood. On the video’s caption, their new release was marked as “The Final Piece 2019”, making fans brace themselves for a grand finale connecting their past two releases.

Towards the end of the clip, they also teased titles and dates for two releases – “Double Knot” on October 9 and “Astronaut” on November 9. Both of which are still shrouded in mystery as to whether these are pre-released singles, mixtape projects, special songs from 3RACHA, double title tracks, or something else.

It will be followed by the group’s next massive world tour titled District 9: Unlock, which will kick off with a back-to-back show running from November 23 to 24. Their album Clé: Levanter will then drop on November 25, marking approximately five months since their last comeback headlined by the chart-topping track “Side Effects”.

Levanter is known as the strong wind which blows from the western Mediterranean Sea and the southern coasts of France and Spain – and fans have yet to see how this would connect to the group’s comeback concept.

Showing Stays’ excitement and surprise at the group’s sudden huge news, “Stray Kids” also immediately trended worldwide upon the video teaser’s release.

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