Super Idol Big Concert Cancelled

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The 2011 Super Idol Big Concert was being organized as an international concert, in support of those with diabetes and for multicultural families.

A few top artists that were scheduled to perform included, Jay ParkIUG.NA, and Beast. However, because there was a situation with little ticket sales, the concert has been cancelled.

Recently, officials announced:

“The 2011 Super Idol Big Concert was to be held on June 11th at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium. However, it has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation is because of the promotional and marketing strategies. There was also an insufficient number of tickets sold for the concert.”

Due to the situation, money is to be returned to the people who had purchased tickets, but legal action has been expected due to damages.

Super Idol Big Concert Cancelled

Source & Photo: Paran News
Translation Source: Koreaboo

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