Super Junior Successfully Wraps Up ‘Super Show6’ in Bangkok

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As announced by SM Entertainment on January 12, Super Junior successfully wrapped up its exclusive concert Super Junior World Tour Super Show6 in Bangkok on January 10 and 11 at the Bangkok Impact Arena with 20,000 fans in attendance, Mwave reported.

During the concert, Super Junior showcased a total of 34 songs, including the group’s big hits; Mamacita, Sorry, Sorry and Mr. Simple, along with other album tracks, unit and solo performances, as well as a dress-up show, using up all the members’ energies in three hours and a half.

The Super Junior members also stirred their fans’ hearts by saying: “Are you having fun?” “I love you,” and “Love you, chu” in the Thai language. Fans enthusiastically responded to the performances and greetings of Super Junior members by holding glow sticks to form Still Here and ★HOLD ELF HANDS messages for the group. Some Thai stars, including the famous MC Sorayuth, the popular singer Stamp, and more also attended and enjoyed the concert.

Meanwhile, after finishing up the concert in Thailand, Super Junior will continue the heat of world tour at Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz Arena in China on February 7.

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