T-ara’s Jiyeon And Soyeon Transform Into Beautiful Vietnamese Women

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T-ara’s Jiyeon and Soyeon boast their elegant beauty in Vietnamese traditional costumes.

In a set of photos released by a Vietnam news outlet Kenh14, the two female singers captivate eyes with their graceful charms in ‘Ao Dai’ (a Vietnamese national costume worn by women) and ‘Non La’ (palm-leaf conical hat). While Jiyeon looks dazzling in a red dress with embroidered flowers, Soyeon exudes her beauty in a blue patterned dress.

They both revealed that they loved trying on the Ao Dai, and Soyeon said she felt like she was a Vietnamese woman.

20160313_T-ara’s_ Jiyeon_ And_ Soyeon_ Are_ Beautiful_ In_ Vietnamese_ Traditional_ Costumes_1

Source: Kenh 14

On March 12, the T-ara girls headed to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for a special event sponsored by Naver’s V-app. Upon their arrival in the country, overwhelming thousands of fans flocked to see them at the airport, breaking the security boundary briefly.

Worried about the safety of fans, T-ara said: “We feel thankful yet sorry for not being able to greet fans here everyday. Please put your safety as the top priority.”

T-ara is scheduled to stay in Vietnam to meet fans for four days and three nights before going back to Korea.

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