T-ara to make appearance at Jeju concert

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Despite having been in a recent controversial situation which led to the withdrawal of a member, T-ara has put the past behind them and are looking optimistically towards the future. The band will be attend the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress Jeju 2012 concert this coming September.

KBS Hallyu Promoting Crops‘ director Oh Se Young announced on August 30,

“T-ara will attend the concert for IUCN World Conservation Congress Jeju 2012. Even though T-ara has had some problems among the members, we thought that the conflicts have been solved recently, and decided to cast the group in a concert. We considered a lot about T-ara’s appearance. KARA previously had some conflict as well but they solved it soon and I think T-ara is in the same boat. T-ara didn’t commit any social crime and that is why we decided to cast the group in the concert.”

T-ara recently released a hand-written apology to the public on August 29 to apologize for their position during the last few weeks and will make their first appearance after a month of turmoil.

K-Pop Nature and IUCN World Conservation Congress Jeju 2012 concert will be on September 8.

Sources: News – Star News; Photo – nhachot


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