T-ara’s Sister Group DIA Confirmed To Debut In September

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T-ara‘s sister group, DIA, was previously reported to debut in August, however it has just been confirmed that the debut will be in September.

According to the representative on 20th, DIA is scheduled to debut with the release of title tracks 왠지 (Somehow) and 닿을 듯 말듯 (Direct translation: To Reach Or Not To Reach) on the third week of this coming September.



DIA filmed its music videos for Somehow and To Reach Or Not To Reach in Hongkong and Macao back in July.

On the other hand, DIA is now a 7-member girl group after leader Seunghee (23)is added to the group, together with Eunice (23), Cathy (20), Jenny (19), Eunjin (18), Chaeyeon (18) and Yebin (18). Seunghee was noted to be one of the members of the disbanded girl group F-ve Dolls.



(Editing by Adrian Cheng)

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