T-ara’s Soyeon feels envious of Hyomin?

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On the July 11 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s Star Life Theater, T-ara was filmed rehearsing for their new song in the middle of their busy schedule in order to make the choreography perfect.

After a tough practice, they stopped for a break and the girls were given a snack. Part of their diet included meat, but Soyeon just watched them eating. She said, “I’m not allowed to eat at this time. We’re returning to TV soon, and I tend to gain weight easily.”

When asked if there was any member who never gains weight, Soyeon pointed at Hyomin. She confessed, “I envy her because she doesn’t gain weight, without even thinking about being disciplined.”

Being a singer means not only working on singing, but also taking care of your body.


Source: TV Report
Photo: 19871005

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