BIGBANG’s T.O.P Gifts Supporters With Secret Fan Meeting Right After His Alternative Military Service

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T.O.P returns the faithfulness and love he received from fans in the most sweetest and grateful way.

Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P) has completed the required days to fulfill his military service duty officially.


Photo Credit: Kevin Santos

Due to the reduction regulation that was applied to public service agents in 2018, T.O.P’s service period had been shortened by about 27 days.

Hence, instead of August, the actor-rapper was set for July 8 military discharge. But since there is no office on the said date, T.O.P concluded his social service work on July 6.


Photo Credit: Kevin Santos

T.O.P served the remaining days of his alternative military service at a cultural facility. It houses elderly people who produce and sell crafts. Warmly receiving the welcome from his supporters, he generously poured in the same amount of love he accepted.

Organized by his local fans, T.O.P made sure that his fans’ wait would be worth it, and even graced a “secret fan meeting” with them.

While expected to come out with the local media on standby, the BIGBANG member went first to where his loyal followers were convened, proving his gratefulness for the people who have given him strength unconditionally.


Photo Credit: Nelson Obrador

For about 45 minutes, he earnestly greeted and shook hands of all the fans who attended the special fan gathering. Photos and videos from fan attendees appeared online showing the artist bright and smiling demeanor.

It was a happy occasion and an overwhelming reunion as fans and their favorite idol welled up feeling the mutual gratitude. They have stayed at each other’s side amidst the unfortunate events that happened to their cherished idol in the past.


Photo Credit: Kevin Santos

The BIGBANG member entered Yongsan Craft Center in 27 January 2018 and was expected to fill in 520 days since then.

Photo & video credits: Nelson Obrador & Kevin Santos


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