Taeyeon To Release Solo Concert Footage In “The Unseen” Film

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Taeyeon brings the concert experience home to fans in her concert kit The Unseen!

Following the amazing success of her recent comeback with, “Happy”, Taeyeon is delighting fans once more! The artist is releasing footage of her fourth solo concert, The Unseen, in a special concert kit. The Unseen concert took place in the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul during January earlier this year.

Taeyeon promises to revisit fans and the memories of this event again through this kit.


The kit contains not only the actual concert but exclusive behind the scenes clips. Fans will get a look into the process of Taeyeon’s concert production which includes the performance and band practice, rehearsals, and the VCR filming.

Taeyeon released a special teaser video on the Girls’ Generation official YouTube channel.

Filled Taeyeon’s stunning vocals, breathtaking performance, and the roaring crowds of her fans, The Unseen kit allows fans to revisit the magic of the concert again.

The Unseen kit is available for pre-sale beginning May 26th across various online music stores, and will release June 23rd.

Source: Xports News

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Video Source: Girls’ Generation Official YouTube channel