Tao Cries Over His Grandmother + Shares Thoughts About People Mocking Him Online

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Tao talked about his family and also voiced out to hateful commentators.

On June 12, Tao was in Shanghai to attend the press conference of the release of ‘Nineteen’, the theme song of his upcoming film ‘Edge of Innocence’, which is slated to hit cinemas on July 8.

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Before wrapping up the conference, the event organizers surprised Tao with an encouragement video from his dearest grandmother, which caused him to burst into tears. He disclosed his thoughts after watching the video:

My grandmother looked after me a lot when I was younger. I have never thought I would grow up, grow up so fast. I have already turned 23 years old this year. Everyone will grow old, but when you are growing older, you will realize the time spent with your family is getting lesser, and there will be a day they will leave you unexpectedly. When they are ill, you can’t visit them because you are occupied with work. When they needed others to look after them, I was not by their side as well.

I do not know how many times I am still able to see my grandmother, I just wish to go back and visit her with my off-time. Sometimes I tell myself, to me, work is not important. But I have no choice, I have to complete it well. Although it is so tiring and difficult, they are my motivation. Family is very important to me, but filial piety is something hard to achieve. So I have set a policy for myself to live happily. Care for the people around who treats you well, your family, and your beloved friends around you. I do not have to please anyone, I just want to be myself. But I’d never expected it would be so tiring, it is really tiring.

Reflecting the tremendous support he receives from the fans off-stage, Tao seized the chance to also share his thoughts about his antis:

If you (hateful commentators) have the time to hate on me and my family online, you could have used the time to better yourselves instead. I’ve never murdered anyone, set anything on fire, or broken the law. I am just living my life, working hard for my job. I have never considered myself a celebrity – it’s merely a job. A celebrity is just a job.

What do you think about Tao’s sentiments?

Translation by: Clarissa Loi & Seckvoon

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