TEEN TOP’s Niel, A Pink’s Eunji and Lee Kwang Soo are having a ‘Fanta Time’ in their new CF

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What do Teen Top and A Pink’s resident vocalists, Niel and Eunji respectively, have in common with actor Lee Kwang Soo?

The trio are bonded for their love for Fanta, which they have decided to showcase in song throughout the music video version of their colorful yet uniquely wacky Fanta CF. They are each individually dressed in colors that are synonymous with the flavors they represent- Niel in purple (Grape),  Eunji in yellow (Pineapple) and Lee Kwang Soo in orange (Orange).

The video is set in a school setting, where the trio rouse and hype up students by changing them out of their school uniforms, catapulting away a bin full of homework and books, and jumping in and out of alternate scenes through a Fanta cooler fridge. The pinnacle of the video lies in a poolside party, where everyone enjoys a ‘Fanta Time’ with their Fanta drinks.

The other A Pink members make a cameo in the video as well, so check it out!

[vsw id=”gNHLJclkOnc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no]


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