THE BOYZ Expand Their Global Reach By Gearing Up For Their First Full-Length Japanese Album Release

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THE BOYZ continue meeting their global demand, preparing to release their first-ever full Japanese album since debuting!

Worldwide K-pop group THE BOYZ are preparing to unveil their first full-length Japanese album release! Sony Music, the group’s agency in Japan, announced that THE BOYZ will soon deliver their first regular Japanese album called Breaking Dawn in March. This follows the release of their first Japanese mini-album TATTOO in November 2019.


The album will consist of eight tracks including its title song “Breaking Dawn”. “Breaking Dawn” will thrill fans with its dance tempo, edgy bass, and an impactful hook. Producers such a Daniel Kim, Taki, and Finish artist Karri, took part in the song’s production. The artists have previously worked with stars such as Taemin and MONSTA X, raising expectations for their work with THE BOYZ.

Furthermore, the scale of the project and the newly composed Japanese b-sides will illustrate the group’s growing global demand.

THE BOYZ’s fans can look forward to three different versions of the album. This includes a limited official fan club version and two others, which will all feature different album covers, member photocards, and special purchase events.

Many anticipate large support for the group’s activities as THE BOYZ gear up for the Japanese comeback. Their debut Japanese mini-album TATTOO delivered a title track of the same name, with its lyrics still in Korean. Despite this, the song still performed well following its release, steadily nabbing the top ranking in various charts such as the Tower Records Daily Sales Chart, and Line Music Weekly Album Chart while landing second on Billboard’s Japan Top Album Sales Chart.

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