The Kids magazine features ‘Little BIG BANG’

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Volume 29 of The Kids magazine features none other than the infamous miniature versions of BIG BANG, Little BIG BANG. The models are all replicas of the BIG BANG members and follow the concept of the band’s 5th mini album Alive.

Yoon Jeongwan is styled to look like T.O.P and dons an olive colored vest, simple t-shirt and jeans, chain accessories, and blue hair. Lee Gangin sports a Batman sweater and black t-shirt, zebra print pants, yellow shoes, and Taeyang‘s signature Mohawk. Um Jeonghu represents Daesung (D-LITE) with a gray graphic t-shirt, black jeans, chain accessories, and blond hair. Sim Gihun is styled as Seungri (VI.) and dons a black and gold t-shirt, black jeans, white shoes, and side-shaved hair. Last but not least, Kim Gyeongjeong sports a black ‘ARMY’ t-shirt, black and gold jeans, washed jean vest, and a half-shaved hairstyle with red extensions to look like G-Dragon.

Take a look at the pictorial below and tell us what you think:

Yoon Jeongwan

Lee Gangin

Um Jeonghu

Sim Gihun

Kim Gyeongjeong

Do you like the photo shoot? Which miniature BIG BANG member is your favorite?

News (Source & Photos): bigbangupdates

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