The Rose Submits Legal Request For Exclusive Contract Termination Against Current Agency

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The Rose had begun taking legal action to ask for exclusive contract termination.

The Rose has filed an official legal request for the termination of their exclusive contract with current agency J & Star Company.

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On February 28, the band was confirmed to have sent out a certification of contents requesting for contract termination recently with their current agency. In this, they cited various reasons such as breach of trust, violation of contract, and failure to settle payment which led them to their decision.

Reasons For Contract Termination Request

The rising Korean band, composed of Kim Woo Sung, Park Do Joon, Lee Ha Jun, and Lee Jae Hyung, shared that the agency promised that they would receive monthly revenue reports when they signed an exclusive contract with them.

However, even after three years since they debuted, the group was unable to receive payments as well as any of the said revenue reports which would have shown them their proper revenue calculation.

Additionally, the members shared that there were several incomprehensible amounts and items in the account. They said that they requested an explanation recently, but were unable to receive an answer from the company.

Moreover, the quartet noted the unreasonable schedule of activities as one of their problems as well after the agency failed to inform them of a planned tour.

The Rose shared that J & Star Company has planned 17 concerts in 17 U.S cities to be conducted in just around 32 days without consulting the members. This, as the band noted, was a murderous schedule which required them to perform a concert every two days.

With all of these reasons, the band has decided to halt their schedules and pursue legal action against the company. The quartet also noted that they are aware of the negative impact this might have on their activities, including scheduled broadcasts, while arriving at their recent decision.

“We just want to end the exclusive contract as soon as possible. We apologize to our fans,” the band members briefly stated.

Company Response

In response, J & Star Company had sent a certification of contents refuting the band’s claims. Moreover, they stated that the agency announced and discussed schedules with the group beforehand.

“We also provided revenue reports for the entire exclusive contract period to the group, and we confirmed through documents that they received it. Currently, The Rose has refused to speak with the company. After unilaterally giving notice of the contract termination request, they have unilaterally notified that they refuse to participate in scheduled broadcasts and performances which they promised their fans about,” J & Star Company added in their official statement.

Members and Fans on Social Media

Through their personal Instagram accounts, the band’s four members posted screenshots of the article regarding their contract termination request without any captions.

In support of the group’s decision, fans also used the hashtag #WeStandWithTheRose on Twitter.

Source: Herald Pop | Newsen


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