KBS “The Unit” Unveils Final Ranking Of Top 18 Winners

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U-KISS Jun and SONAMOO Euijin topped the 9-member groups for respective boys’ and girls’ units in the live telecast of KBS’ idol rebooting show, The Unit.

18 members of The Unit, who have visuals, talent and stage presence, are formed to promote future activities together as a group.

The Unit - Unit G

The Unit - Unit B

photo credit: all photos from imbc

126 current and former member of idol groups participated for the idol rebooting project. The stakes were high for the contestants, who were in desperate need to take a shot for another limelight chance.

Divided into two units separating the ladies and gentlemen idols, the members embarked on an arduous journey challenging themselves from covering songs as a group, and recording and performing new songs on stage.

Unit B Member Winners were touted to exude aura of manliness, strength and cuteness. Here are the winners of Unit B:

The Unit

  1. U-KISS – Jun
  2. BIGFLO – Euijin
  3. HOTSHOT – Hojung
  4. BIGSTAR – Feeldog
  5. H.B.Y. – Marco
  6. Newkidd – Ji Han Sol
  7. MADTOWN – Daewon
  8. IM – Kijoong
  9. A.C.E – Chan

Meanwhile, Unit G Member Winners were brimming with charm, cheerfulness and talent.

Here are the winners of Unit G:

The Unit

  1. SONAMOO – Eujin
  2. DIA – Yebin
  3. NC.A
  4. Yoon Joo
  5. Lee Hyun Joo
  6. Yang Ji Won
  7. Dal Shabet – Woo Hee
  8. Laboum – ZN
  9. Lee Suji

The victorious members of Unit B and Unit G have been striving hard for about five months to make a new leap forward to their dream as an idol member.

The Unit will gift its viewers with a special episode broadcast of behind the scenes of the show on February 18th. The Unit Special Show will also feature the result of the team name contest of the final Unit B and Unit G winners.

Congratulations to the winners of The Unit!


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