Things You Need to Know Before Dating A Die-Hard K-pop Fan

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We all have celebrities who we love so much and wish to have the opportunity to meet one day. The same applies to K-pop fans.

But let us be honest, K-pop fans are on another level. These are people who are obsessed with this style, fashion, and music from K-pop musicians. They are willing to do anything just to display their interests.
These fans play K-pop music everywhere and attend all their concerts on top of collecting albums and printing images of K-pop stars on everything they own. This alone says how obsessed they are.

Now, when it comes to dating a die-hard K-pop fan, most people will find it overwhelming or boring especially if you are not a fan. However, there are some who will not mind whether they are also fans or not. Below are things you need to know before dating a die-hard K-pop fan.

Expect Images of K-pop Stars Everywhere

A die-hard K-pop fan will buy anything that has the face of their favorite K-pop group on it. It can be notebooks, clothes, pens, flip-flops, or tumblers. Most people might find this awkward and may fail to understand why someone has to have K-pop images printed on every item.

Now, imagine if you are dating a person who does this. The relationship might become boring and awkward. Unfortunately, you have to bear with this if you love your partner. But if this is not the type of partner for you, it is time to give up and go back to the drawing board. Next time, you will be keen to ensure that you are not dating a K-pop fan.

Buy Concert Tickets Instead of Flowers

Concert tickets for K-pop performances are always expensive in Western countries. But this remains the best gift to give a K-pop fan compared to flowers and other gifts. This can be difficult to understand for some people, but trying to understand your partner is the best thing. This is something that you can be sure will not happen just once. Every time the group is in town, you have to buy tickets. For example, be it a fated encounter or a chanced virtual meetingĀ especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, you better be sure to know if she or he is a K-pop fan before you start dating if things go well between each other.

She or He Attempts to Collect Every Single Album

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This person is obviously obsessed with K-pop. Therefore, she or he will buy every album including even the repackaged ones. This is clearly expensive especially when you consider the shipping fee for those living in other countries. A die-hard fan spends plenty of money to build a K-pop collection.
The best thing you can do is to support your partner to avoid conflicts in your relationship. However, remember that you are responsible for bringing your partner’s sanity back if she or he is going overboard. Do this carefully with sensitivity towards your partner.


It is good to know someone well before becoming involved in a relationship. Thanks to technology, people can now find soulmates by just installing an app. Just search, and you will eventually find the right person for you. If you do not mind dating a K-pop fan, now you know what to expect.