Top 4 nations for intercultural marriages in Korea

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International marriages have been decreasing in South Korea, and this decrease can be due to the higher requirements asked by the government for international marriages. The statistics differ for Korean women and men. Here are some interesting rankings for the top nationalities that Koreans got married to in 2013:

Korean Women married:

1. Japanese men

2. American men

3. Chinese men

4. Canadian men

Korean men married:

1. Vietnamese women

2. Chinese women

3. Filipino women

4. Japanese women

The first graph below shows that the number of international marriages decreased, while the second one shows that the majority of people used to get married to Japanese and Chinese partners but now they marry more interracially with partners of different colors.


Graph showing international marriages in Korea Picture: Statistics Korea


Japan and China show up in both lists probably due to the proximity of the two countries to Korea.

Let us know your opinion on why there is such a difference between the preferences of men and women with regards to international marriages!

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