Topp Dogg Set To Show Their “Emotions” Through ‘The Beat’

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After a year-long hiatus since the group’s promotion with Annie, Topp Dogg is ready to unleash their hidden Emotions this October with the announcement of the group’s 4th mini album, The Beat.

Emotions is a mid-tempo ballad track that was originally released in Chinese during Topp Dogg’s China promotions back in 2014. The minute-odd long teaser video, featuring bright neon lighting and the boys decked in white and flashing LED shoes, gives fans and listeners alike a good grasp of the song’s musicality and chill R&B vibes:

The Beat is slated for release on October 19th, 12pm KST, and it consists of 6 tracks, including a solo by member Sangdo. Members A-TomYano and Jenissi also participated in the lyrical writing and composition of several songs.

Moreover, a pre-release track, Oasis, will be unveiled to the public on October 13th to give fans a taste of what’s yet to come from the boys.

Image Source: ToppDogg_KR on Twitter

Image Source: ToppDogg_KR on Twitter

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