[Translated Interview] GLAM’s interview with Bugs Music

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Q. Please greet our Bugs family.

A. Hello, we are Girls be Ambitious GLAM! We have made a recent return with I Like That! Nice to meet you~


Q. What kind of song is the second single I Like That?

A. I Like That is a sampling song of the 90’s most popular seniors Chuli and Miae (철이와 미애)’s Why Do You (너는 왜). We combined the 90’s exciting rhythm with a trendy hip-hop sound to make an even more exciting and fun song. Also if you listen to the song, you will find that the lyrics are very unique. The lyrics states, that we cook and eat our own meat by ourselves and can have fun in the karaoke room by ourselves too. You will feel cool and confidence in the lyrics.


Q. The first single Party (XXO)’s point of choreography was the powerful yet fun skate move, what is the point of the new choreography for the new song?

A. I Like That has a 90’s feel to it. So we tried using the 90’s retro dance in our choreograph. There’s a specific point to the original song Why Do You, so we also included that move with a more 2013 feel as well. The original dance done by senior Park Nam Jung with the moon walk and the other routines is fairly difficult to follow. So for people who have a hard time following that, we then adjust the dance to a cute tour bus dance, we really hope you will enjoy our performances.


Q. We see that this is the first time ever in this country, how does it feel to have made a comeback at a year-end Gayo Daejeon stage?

A. We heard from many people that it is an unusual story to have a comeback stage on the year-end ceremony stage. We also heard that Lady GaGa received a lot of attention for making her first appearance of Born This Way at the Grammy Awards. We are very happy that we get to make our comeback at the year-end ceremony stage. We predict that there will be many good things to come in 2013 for GLAM!

Q. Lastly, we will ask for New Year’s greetings from each member.

A. ZINNI: Hello, I am GLAM’s ZINNI! GLAM has returned with a new style and new song I Like That. We hope that 2013 will be a year full of hope.

Miso: I’m GLAM’s maknae Miso. Girls have a dream! Please love our new song I Like That!
Park Ji Yeon: Hi. I’m Park Ji Yeon of GLAM! We have prepared to show you our singing, dance and style as a group. Please look forward to our activities~

DaHee: Hello I’m DaHee of GLAM. Have you heard the song I Like That? There’s a rumor that once you hear it, the addictive melody will steal listeners’ hearts! We will work hard to continue to bring you songs that uplift your mood. Please be with us~


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Source: news and photos-Bugs Music, video-BugsOnAir

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