TREASURE Achieves 150,000 Pre-Orders + Unveils New Teasers Ahead Of Highly-Awaited Debut

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The future is definitely looking bright for TREASURE as the boys achieve a sweet monumental feat with their upcoming debut album!

Rookie boy group TREASURE amassed a splendid amount of pre-orders for their upcoming album, further proving the skyrocketing anticipation for their highly-awaited debut.


Titled THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE, the single album will be the group’s first ever album release since YG Entertainment officially announced their arrival to the K-Pop world.

On August 3, the agency revealed that the album recorded a total of 150,000 pre-order sales, five days after the album details were announced.

“It was decided over the weekend to produce 50,000 additional pieces of TREASURE’s first single album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE,” YG Entertainment said.

Furthermore, this makes TREASURE the only group with the highest number of pre-orders among new YG Entertainment artists.

Moreover, the group’s album has also recorded a massive amount of purchases in Japan and China, further proving their worldwide popularity.

“There are a lot of pre-orders in China and Japan, but requests for album purchases are active in various countries including the United States and Southeast Asia,” the agency said.


With weeks before debut, TREASURE also conquered the top spot of Billboard Social 50 Chart on July 20, making them the fastest K-pop group to do so.


Intensifying the excitement of spectators, YG Entertainment also released individual PR videos for the members of TREASURE starting on August 1.

In the one-minute previews, the members introduced themselves charmingly and uniquely by revealing their respective positions in the group as well as their own hobbies.

While embodying distinct bright concepts, TREASURE also stole fans’ hearts with their dashing looks and sparkling auras. The retro-style of editing coupled with the eye-catching graphics added to the overall attractiveness of the clips.

Hailing from YG Treasure Box, TREASURE will finally make their debut on August 7 with THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE.

Some of its members namely Choi Hyun Suk, Yoshi, and Haruto also participated in writing the lyrics of the songs, with hopes to communicate with fans in a more intimate manner.

TREASURE will be having their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on August 9 at 3:50 PM KST.

Source: OSEN and YG Entertainment

Photos and Videos from YG Entertainment

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