Trending: 2 million sign up for EXO’s fan club, Kris to work with Hangeng, LV wants to buy into YG

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It has been a big week this week at hellokpop and so we’re here to help you recap on this week’s biggest news.

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Close to two million fans have signed up for EXO’s official fan club in the last week

The fan club name, EXO-L was announced on August 6 and has since then amassed more than 1.8 million registrations so far.

Many people were unable to sign up for the fan club because of the heavy traffic.

EXO-L members can join the official fan club and have the opportunity to chat with the EXO members once a week, starting from August 6.

It will be the first time a fan club will be operated through a mobile app, to help cater to the group’s large international fan base.

The mobile app will offer exclusive content, chatting events, and allow fans to stalk their official schedules.

Sign up here.


Luxury band Louis Vuitton’s parent company has revealed it is seeking a partnership with YG Entertainment.

The deal is worth a 100 billion South Korean won (~$97 million USD).

If the deal is made, this is going to be the first time that a luxury brand makes such a huge investment in Korean entertainment.

The company is currently in talks with YG Entertainment about an investment worth around 20% of YG’s shares, but it has been said that Louis Vuitton is seeking business partnership, rather than trying to gain management control.

YG Entertainment’s shares rose by 9.6% after the news of investment broke out.

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Estranged EXO member Kris will be starring in a new Chinese-Korean film called Xiao You Qiao Mu with Han Geng.

Kris, who is currently in a legal battle with SM Entertainment, has been confirmed as a leading character for the romantic film along with former Super Junior member Han Geng. Actor Joo Won has also been cast.

In the film, directed by Jo Jin Kyoo, the three stars compete to win the heart of the same woman.

Many media have drawn comparisons between the two stars, who have both filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for unfair contracts.

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