Trending: ‘Lee Min Ho Admits Bisexuality’ Goes Viral, Minah is Dating, Sulli Taking a Break From Music

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It has been a big week this week at hellokpop and so we’re here to help you recap on this week’s biggest news.

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An important lesson for those who only read news headlines.

A link titled: Lee Min Ho admits being bisexual went viral on Facebook this week, leading fans to believe that the actor had came out.

The link led to a popular Filipino news agency, which was why it was quickly shared across social media.

However, for those who read the article, it was in fact about the actor visiting the Philippines for a concert and not about him confirming his sexuality.

The misleading prank comes from a feature on Facebook where people could edit the title of the links that they’re sharing before they post it.

It only goes to show two kinds of readers today: those who actually read, and those who only read headlines.

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Picture: Daum

Picture: Daum

K-pop’s sexy diva Hyuna made a comeback with her new song Red this week and critics already have things to say about her outfit.

An article published by a Korean media was titled: Hyuna’s clothes are so short, that you can see her underwear.

In the article, the writer talks about how Hyuna performed on SBS MTV’s The Show, but readers had other things on their mind.

A top comment criticised Hyuna for exposing her underwear on national TV. The commenter asked whether Hyuna was a singer or a bar hostess.

Other netizens said it was embarrassing that she exposed her underwear on TV, while others expressed concerns that she was too young.

English fans had been more understanding, with many saying the Korean netizens needed to take a look at American pop culture.

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Girl’s Day Minah is the latest K-pop idol to go public with her relationship.

DreamT Entertainment confirmed the rumours this week and said she had met Korean soccer player Son Heungmin just two weeks ago.

The agency said the singer and her new love interest had became close friends through social media before getting closer.

DreamT Entertainment also said that the new couple had only met twice since they met two weeks ago.

Minah and Heungnim were spotted on a date earlier this week, with their reps initially denied dating rumours.

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f(x)’s Sulli announced this week that she’ll be taking a break from her singing career.

SM Entertainment released a statement saying that the singer was exhausted by hateful comments and false rumours.

The agency also said that after much consideration, they decided to wrap up f(x)’s Red Light album promotion, just after a month of promoting.

Sulli has been under the spotlight because of rumours about her dating Dynamic Duo member Choiza.

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