tvN Melodrama “A Piece Of Your Mind” Compressed To 12 Episodes

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Production teams Studio Dragon, The Unicorn, and Movie Rock confirmed the reduction of episodes for A Piece of Your Mind

Currrently airing on tvN, A Piece Of Your Mind narrates the story of an unrequited love suffered by both the leads. Jung Hae In plays an AI programmer Ha Won who has been living a lonely life and has been harboring his one-sided love for a very long time.

A Piece of Your Mind

Directed by Lee Sang Yeob, penned by Lee Sook Yeon; the Studio Dragon production threads a melodrama tone to warm up the season of Spring. Director Lee takes pride of his works including Familiar Wife and Shopping King Louis. He also called the shots for the Netflix original series, My Holo Love. Writer Lee penned SBS melodrama, On the Way to the Airport and Tune in For Love.

However, the initial episodes received criticisms with its story pace and development, as well as, predictable characters. Scoring 2.4% and 2.1% ratings on its first two episodes, the series settles on 1.5, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.1 nationwide ratings respectively from its 3rd to 6th episodes.

Thus, the production team decides on a shortening scheme to increase the speed of work. From its original 16 episodes, it was reduced to 12 episodes.

Below is the official statement of Studio Dragon.

“Hello, this is the production team of tvN’s ‘A Piece of Your Mind’.

The tvN monthly drama, A Piece of Your Mind, decided to make a compression to increase the speed of the work.

It was decided to speed up the story by compressing to 12 episodes to meet the expectations of the patrons who love the the drama.

As the sweet love change of Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin’s characters begins, the romance between the two is expected to accelerate.

We would like to thank the viewers who love the the series once again, and we will do our best to make a good work that meets the viewers’ expectations until the end.”

Source: iMBC

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