TVXQ talks about “Catch Me”, elementary-school students in interview with The Star

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[The following is a direct translation of the article as it appeared on The Star.]

TVXQ (U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin) recently made a comeback after a year and eight months. While their senior Psy was carving out global records, placing his song on 2nd place in the Billboard charts, TVXQ made a comeback. “Hallyu Kings” TVXQ said their dream is to be able to get much love from elementary school students. We were curious why these members wanted to become ‘Cho-Tong-Ryong’ (a slang portmanteau of “elementary” and “president” in Korean).

In the recent interview, TVXQ explained the story behind the creation of Catch Me: “In the last album with the title song Why, it was important to be strong and cool. We thought that we needed a better title song that could be more easily listened to and remembered this time.”

“We thought that if we returned with a similar performance-oriented song as last time, people would think, ‘Look, they’re doing that again.’ and treat us with less curiosity. We combined our own hue of performance and a melody that could appeal to the general public.”

Catch Me is rife with choreography that is as diverse and interesting as their names, such as the ‘mirror dance’ (a move where Yunho and Changmin face each other and copy moves as if looking into a mirror), the ‘hulk dance’ (easily learned even for elementary-age students), ‘dragon movement’, and ‘Transformer dance’. The internationally known choreographer Tony Testa, who also choreographed SHINee’s Sherlock, worked on TVXQ’s Catch Me. Testa even postponed his next assignment, which happened to be Justin Beiber‘s schedule, to work on TVXQ’s song.

U-Know Yunho said, “The elementary school students these days don’t know us very well. Next year it will be 10 years since debut for us, so it is kind of an obvious fact. Our goal for this promotion is to have elementary school students recognize us and get to know us more.” He also stated, to gain the love of elementary school students, “We recently went to film for DoDream on KBS2 to say as much and to show the easily learned, main dance moves.”

Lastly we posed the question, “To TVXQ, having conquered Asia, what is an elementary school student to you?” U-know Yunho answered, “A new door. Generations change, the elementary school student will be standing in the middle of that change, and we want to continue to be singers. It’s a door that we can mature and grow together with. I want to be remembered by elementary school students as a singer who was able to give them dreams and hope.” To this Changmin replied with “They’re mine!”, inviting laughter.

Source: News and photo – The Star

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