TWICE Breaks Record For Winning At “34th Japan Gold Disc Awards”

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TWICE made a remarkable achievement at the recent 34th Japan Gold Disc Awards

On February 27, the results for 34th Japan Gold Disc Awards has been announced on their official website. Remarkably, TWICE garnered three awards – Best 3 Albums and Album of the Year in Asia Division.

Both &Twice and #Twice2 was included in the Best 3 Albums under Asia category. The group has also been consistently winning in the same category for three years in a row. It was the album, BDZ, which emerged victorious in the winning list for last year’s Gold Disc Awards. While, #Twice received the award at the 32nd Japan Gold Disc Awards.

The group’s popularity in Japan is very undeniable as it claimed the Album of the Year once again. It was at the 32nd Japan Gold Disc Awards when the girl group attained their first Album of the Year (Asia category) award.

In fact, Japan Gold Disc Awards is one of the major music awards in Japan and it has been an annual event since 1987. The selection of these awards are based on a year’s record sales and music downloads or any net sales of paid music contributions.

On February 5, TWICE has released their &Twice Repackage album with their new single, Swing. The album is now available in various music stores. For more information, visit TWICE Japan Official website.

Source: Japan Gold Disc Awards Official Website |TWICE Japan Official Twitter Page | TWICE Japan Official Website

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment

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